Studium Generale x International Womens Day

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Close the Gender Gap

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on International Women’s Day

The event is in English
Doors open 5:30 PM

Come celebrate women and help close the Gender Gap! The underrepresentation of women is something you can find in too many places still. Did you know that only 18% of all English-language Wikipedia pages are about women? This International Women's Day we’ll tackle this problem with a programme full of tips, tricks, and practical tools. Join us and help to reduce the Gender Gap!

Wikipedia, it might well be the first place most of us go to when looking for information. And yet women are severely underrepresented. There are plenty of women, or women-related topics that deserve a place on the site, and you can contribute to this during this Edit-a-thon on International Women's Day! Create a page, add to one or translate. Or just swing by to learn about the importance of visibility for emancipation.

The programme:

- Dr Laura Braden (ESHCC) will give a workshop and tell us all about editing, translating, and creating pages, while Wikimedia Netherlands volunteers will walk around to assist. What makes the Open-Source principle of the online encyclopedia so special and what requirements must a good page meet?

- Prof Hanneke Takkenberg (ECWO) will talk about the importance of increasing the visibility of women on, among others, Wikipedia but also in business and society as a whole.

- Risa Togo spoke to students who enthusiastically wrote a Wikipedia page and created a vlog about it. What drove them to create a page and what were their findings while writing?

- Je-Anne Dirksz created the visual for the International Women's Day event and for this she researched non-binarity and self-reflection, during the Edit-a-thon she talks about the results of her search.

- Visit the exhibition on Jennifer Tee

No prior knowledge required, just bring your own laptop. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

This Edit-a-thon is organized because of International Women’s Day but if you have other ideas to make Wikipedia more inclusive, please join us!

This annual Edit-a-thon is made possible by Studium Generale, ECWO (Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations), Dr Laura Braden (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication), Wikimedia Netherlands and Kunstinstituut Melly.


  • Je-Anne Dirksz, Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg, Dr. Laura Braden, Risa Togo