Bi-Weekly Meditation Session


The bi-weekly meditation by Daily Practice commences again!

Every two weeks, Daily Practice will host a 30-minute meditation in silence, from 4:30–5 pm. This will be a meditation without guidance, therefore some experience with meditation is required. One tone of the sound bowl will announce the start of the meditation at 4:30 pm, three tones will mark the end of the meditation at 5 pm. The meditation is in total silence, you will feel supported by the silence of others. After the meditation, everybody leaves to work, family, house, friends, life.

The meditation is practiced on the third floor in On Wards Inwards, the space of Moosje M Goosen and Daily Practice, part of 84 STEPS. Please be present at 4:15 pm, to make sure the meditation can start 15 minutes later. Cushions and blankets are available for use. It is, of course, allowed to bring your own meditation tools. If sitting on a cushion is impossible for you, it is always possible to use a chair or to lay down on a blanket.

On 20 October, a silence retreat will take place from 9 am until 3 pm to mark the arrival of autumn.



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