TRAINING: Sensual Goddess Dance Class by Taneesha Sijmons (Dutch)

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Location: Kunstinstituut Melly, third-floor exhibition space
Language: Dutch

The Sensual Goddess Dance Class is a safe space for you to explore your sensuality through movement.

Women nowadays are often still (a)shamed or frowned upon to actively embody and embrace their sensuality and/ or pleasurable needs. By inviting pleasure activist & (erotic) dancer Taneesha Sijmons, Kunstinstituut Melly makes way for the expression of female sensuality as a mere act of self-love and care. Most importantly, all women must know their goddesses self.

What to expect?
The TRAINING will start with a sacred circle as an ‘introduction’ to get to know each other. This is followed by a short self-love meditation and warmup.

By moving through a (beginner-friendly) choreography we will find our way towards the core of this class. Taneesha will encourage you to let your personality shine through as the focus is more on exploring sensuality through movement, rather than the actual steps. We will close the TRAINING with an intimate after-talk where we will reflect on the overall experience and where we hope to connect on a deeper level.

This TRAINING is open for both experienced and inexperienced dancers and everyone who identifies as woman/femme (16+).

So goddess, come with all that you are - it is embraced, loved, and appreciated here!

To bring:
Notebook, pen, kneepads, and clothes in which you feel comfortable/sexy, heels are optional.




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