Masterclass: Judy Radul – Reading Reflection and Refraction

In the context of the king, the door, the thief, the window, the stranger, the camera, the solo-exhibition by Judy Radul, Witte de With presents a masterclass by the artist.

The masterclass offers a refracted reading of texts which informed the work.

In the king, the door, the thief, the window, the stranger, the camera, Judy Radul sets out to explore the poetic and social agency of doors, windows, entrances, and exits by means of her multi-camera, live-feed ‘present system’, transforming Witte de With’s exhibition spaces into a dynamic set for live image production.

Together participants will discuss and engage the exhibition. Understanding the difference between mirror and video sight and image we’ll start with an exercise to calculate mirror reflection/refraction. We will use the exhibition as a ‘stage’ or ‘frame’ for readings and interpretations of a selection of texts including: Bernhard Siegert, Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors, and Other Articulations of the Real; Ina Blom: The Autobiography of Video: The Life and Times of a Memory Technology; Svetlana Alpers, The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century, and Jean Genet’s The Thief’s Journal.

The Master Class is open to students, artists, and practitioners from the arts and sciences.


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