TRAINING: Unleash your Inner Badass (Saturday)

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Location: 3rd-floor exhibition space
Language: English

Self-care, is a theme brands often play on as a marketing ploy. However, it involves so much more than a beautiful outfit or natural skincare. Self-care is a verb. It asks you to create space for your dreams, take care of your mental health, set boundaries and claim your place in this world. In other words, You deserve the spotlight!

But what's holding you back? Why are you keeping yourself so small?

In the TRAINING 'Unleash Your Inner Badass' you discover with the help of Leena ter Beek your self-limiting beliefs, break the cycle and create space for your inner strength. Among other things, we are inspired by the work of the Feminist Healthcare Research Group, in which we embrace conversations of interactive and empowering soil. As such, we invite you to participate in this live coaching session. So think of this training as a motivational boost in which you learn to listen to your 'Inner Goddess'.

Don't forget to bring your notepad to take any notes and get even more out of yourself ✨




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