Copy this: a night of un-creativity at an art space

Are you an artist and are you tired of having to be creative?
Are you a student and are you tired of having to “fill the research gap”?
Are you a writer and are you tired of having to come up with new material?

Copying is an act that has principally been understood as prohibited. Conflated with plagiarism, protected against by copyright laws, copying is seen as an infringement on property and individuals’ creativity. Do these negative perspectives on copying need updating? How might copying be re-understood as a creative and empowering act? With a selection of speakers you can copy from, we will have an evening of copy-paste activities, discussions and perhaps some creativity after all.

The Group Formerly Known as Class of ‘18 hosts an evening of celebrated un-creativity and unrestricted copying – and we’d love you to join us. With guest contributors Dušan Barok, Roland van Dierendonck, Lucas Evers and Céline Manz.

About The group formerly known as Class of ‘18

(The group formerly known as) Class of ’18 is a peer-led education programme that is part of Studium Witte de With. Each year, a small group of students collaborate across academic and creative disciplines to bridge different fields of knowledge in higher education. Responding to the current exhibition programming of Witte de With, the participants develop events around core concerns, by and for students.

The group formerly known as Class of ’18 is composed by: Marjolijn van den Berg (Piet Zwart Institute), Sophie Mak-Schram (Leiden University), Giulia Notarpietro (Erasmus University College), Esther Schaminée (AKV | St. Joost Breda), Damiët Schneeweisz (Leiden University College), Szu-Yi Wang (Piet Zwart Institute), June Yu (KABK The Hague).


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