TALK with Yoeri Meessen

Join Witte de With Associate Director | Education & Public Affairs Yoeri Meessen as he he presents a selection of publications, which will be part of the bookshop inventory of Untitled. His selection brings together a reading list combining autonomous education, anarchist pedagogy and radical learning. “What is to be learned?”, he asks. Knowledge is power is undoubtedly the most fashionable slogan in education today. But in these post-historical times our education system seemingly gives little or no space to produce the unsettling, seemingly useless, and, indeed, democratic forms of knowledge in which the arts and humanities excel. The kind of knowledge that can confront our tacit assumptions, challenge prevailing world-views, and can instigate a process of reflection in a zone of non-identity. What radical modes of learning are to be found outside the prevailing system? Meessen’s book selection will be available for browsing and purchase at Untitled.


  • Yoeri Meessen

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