TALK with Brian Kuan Wood

Join New York writer and editor Brian Kuan Wood as he presents a selection of publications, which will be part of the bookshop inventory of Untitled. His selection brings together two separate but related trajectories: on the one hand, recent concerns with identity politics, colonial history, and the functioning of computers; and, on the other hand, an address to bio-politics, where political and economic processes subsume private life, but also assume characteristics of a bodily organism or life system. He asks, “How has a surge in processing power, since 1989, and a certain liberal economic and political ideology, fostered feelings of togetherness that are ready to address the damages of colonialism, and how does that reorganize our attachments to the form (of togetherness) of the nation-state? Kuan Wood’s book selection will be available for browsing and purchase at Untitled.


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