TRAINING: Sentient Body and Dance by Alexandra Loembé (Dutch)

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Language: Dutch
Location: Kunstinstituut Melly, third-floor exhibition space

Experience pleasure in dance, boost your creativity, learn to follow your intuition and be curious to find the beauty in you!

This workshop is for experienced and inexperienced movers/dancers and everyone interested in using movement and dance to express themselves. We aim to create a safe space through a holistic dance approach and music that will stimulate the senses and help ground. Let’s reward ourselves with a moment in the “now”, to explore and express the physical, emotional, and energetic body through awareness/consciousness and childlike playfulness. Together with dancer, teacher, and choreographer Alexandra Loembé, we will use exercises that stimulate your sensory and kinaesthetic awareness. We will work with the breath, rhythm, your own imagination, and the flow-through of different body parts. This TRAINING is a moment for you to embrace and to surrender, to feel adventurous and shake things up, to feel warmth and gratitude, to honor your process and to grow, to enjoy yourself and move with the rise and fall of your energy levels, and most of all to be yourself.

TRAININGS is a new hands-on workshops series taking place as part of our year-long exhibition 84 STEPS. Here, Kunstinstituut Melly transforms its third-floor gallery into a dynamic space presenting artworks and installations all of which embody the theme of mental health and accessibility. For the whole year, the exhibition 84 STEPS will be activated through 60-minute therapeutic TRAININGS, which will take place on the weekends and will be led by a diverse group of (health)care practitioners.

These TRAININGS make room for the art installations of 84 STEPS to be transformed into spaces of restorative activation. Here, the relation of physical architectures, social structures, and experiences of personal and social health are explored in workshops such as aromatherapy, meditation, and dance. Audience engagement, community care and active participation are the focus. We invite you to engage, exchange, and to move your body and mind with us in these weekly TRAININGS programs. To participate in one or more TRAININGS please sign-up here.

The TRAININGS are scheduled throughout the year based on three thematic clusters:

Self-Care (June - September 2021)
Medicine, Madness, and Magic (October - December 2021)
Care for Justice (January - March 2022)




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