BOOKS: Light grey blue folds me open like a book

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In this afternoon event, participating artist of 84 STEPS Maike Hemmers launches her newest publication Light grey blue folds me open like a book. This artist’s book stems from Hemmers’ artistic practice involving mental body scans. In such a process, colors are felt in the body, and the artist interprets these through drawing and writing. She also used this process when creating her large-scale art installation This deep becomes palpable included in 84 STEPS. Hemmer’s book is published by Bored Wolves, the book is designed and edited by Yin Yin Wong.

The book launch includes a conversation with Hemmers and the public, moderated by Julija Mockute from Kunstinstituut Melly. This takes place within 84 STEPS. Following this, the public is welcomed to enjoy an edible installation by artists Sara Hamadeh and Pitchaya Ngamcharoen in MELLY Cantina. In creating this, Hamadeh and Ngamcharoen take inspiration from how Hemmers approaches feelings and colors. Their installation draws a parallel with their approach to senses and flavors.

This event has limited seating; please reserve your seat.



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