TRAINING: Special Edition — Exploring a Relation With Our Ancestors by Sandy

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Duration: 2,5 hours, including break
Language: English (whispered translation to Dutch available upon request)

Connection with ancestors — What meaning can we give to ancestors in today's time and culture?

Ancestor worship as it is done in many cultures around the world seems to have no place in our Western European society. During the training Spiritual coach Sandy Roxanna, invites you to explore what a relationship with our ancestors could mean for us and how we can shape it. Based on the spiritual foundation that stems from shamanic tradition with Reiki, this training invites you to ask; do ancestors only have biological or genealogical significance to us or could there be more? Our ancestors a static fact that you possibly revere or could you have an interactive and dynamic relationship with them? Why is a relationship with your ancestors so important? And what happens if you have no information about your ancestors?




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