TRAINING: Creatix of All Life #1 — Diving Into Fertility and Conception

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The first training by holistic therapist and cunning woman Fern, is designed for women, trans men, and non-binary people who are trying to conceive or are open to it in the near future. During this session, we will explore fertility by reconnecting with the Womb of Creation. This includes learning about our inner cycles, and the female reproductive system with the goal to awaken it and consciously being able to dive into the mysteries of the Womb.

Through the use of meditation, music, and rituals we will awaken our bodies, and begin the process of conscious conception. At the end of the session, you will be encouraged to do one last practice in your home to complete all the rituals performed during the training. For that, you will receive a herbal blend to experience a v-steaming ritual to manifest your desire to start or expand your family.

We are aware that people are keen to join the TRAINING but who are, due to financial instability and worry, unable to purchase a ticket. Let us know at the latest 24 hours in advance by emailing trainings [​at​] and we will provide a ticket free of charge and up to €20 in travel costs to be able to travel to Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam.




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