PERFORMANCE: Dilution Cafetaria x Kate Moore x Herz Ensemble Players

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Location: 3rd-floor exhibition spaces, 84 STEPS
Free with museum admission

Join artist duo Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy, composer Kate Moore and the Herz Ensemble Players for a performance based on Dilution Cafeteria in 84 STEPS at Kunstinstituut Melly.

Consisting of an installation including six large ceramic sculptures, Dilution Cafeteria was especially created by Mangano van Rooy last year. The installation is created after their long-term research project on a 1970s psychiatric experiment in the Netherlands. The experiment envisaged psychiatric patients coinhabiting grounds with “normal” people, in hopes of gaining a better understanding on experiences of “abnormality” and “deviance.”

During this musical performance within 84 STEPS, Mangano van Rooy and the musicians interact with the sculptures, touching and scratching them to create sounds, and handling the sculptures’ orifices as air instruments. This special collaboration between the artist duo and composer Kate Moore originated at the European Ceramic Work Center in Oisterwijk, where Moore worked on a new project at the time that Mangano van Rooy realized Dilution Cafeteria.

Composer Kate Moore and the Herz Ensemble Players play three solo pieces that are interspersed in between the performance with the sculptures. Caprice no. 2 by Salvatore Sciarrino, performed by Jellantsje de Vries (violin); Folded Lament by Frederik Croene and Sjors van der Mark, performed by Sjors van der Mark (electric guitar); and Moortgat by Remy Alexander, performed by Tom Sanderman (saxophone).




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