BOOKS: Letters from Spain

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In 2020 the Spanish artists Carme Nogueira and Elena Prado conducted research into the memories of the Spanish community in Breda; migrants who left Spain in the 1960s during the Franco regime to work in the Netherlands. During their residence, Nogueira and Prado collected images, objects, and personal stories to make this forgotten history visible. Their results are collected and given context in a publication, titled Letters from Spain, and is inspired by the Spanish newspaper Carta de España that formed the link between the Spanish migrants and the homeland in the 1970s.

At the book presentation the emphasis will be on the social engagement of artists during the seventies and now. Carme Nogueira and Elena Prado will give more insight into their project, Hans Abelman will elaborate on the ABC book he made together with Nelly Soetens in the 1970s to teach migrants Dutch, and artist duo Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum will give their vision on the dynamics between the artist and social domain in the present. Moderated by Esther van Rosmalen and Marjolein van de Ven.

The publication Brieven uit Spanje [Letters from Spain] is designed by ferranElOtro and is a collaboration between the artists and Stedelijk Museum Breda, Artist in Residence Witte Rook, and Stadsarchief Breda. This collaboration is based on a shared desire to tell the story of the city within an artistic context.