TRAINING: Sweet Thought, Sweet Word and Sweet Feeling — The Medicine of Sugar Cane

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Language: English and some things in Spanish
Location: third-floor exhibition space

Coming from the highlands of the tropical Andes where vegetation changes denote shifts in elevation, I was taught to perceive plants as the holders of our territory and storytellers. I work with plants as carriers of migratory and colonial memories, my aim is to unpack their stories as a ritual practice of intimate decolonization. — Lina Bravo Mora

For this workshop, we will honor the sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), a plant that becomes the harmful refined sugar. Yet, a plant that is less refined forms such as Panela has high healing values and makes the livelihood of many families around the world.

We will open space for its complexities unpacking some of its stories and visualizing some of its landscapes and labor. We will also ritually connect these stories to ourselves by doing an intimate journal of sweetness and sugar sculpting. We will move with some of sugar cane’s melodies and prepare a nourishing and medicinal Aguadepanela together to keep us warm and healthy for the whole winter.

This program requires a valid corona admission certificate (a vaccination certificate, negative test certificate or proof of recovery). For more information, please visit this website.




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