TRAINING: 5 Elemental Theater

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Language: English and Dutch
Location: third-floor exhibition space

In the Training 5 Elemental Theater, we create space for the need of our body to express itself. With Performance as our medium, we are guided through a series of exercises, where we treat our emotions therapeutically with expressions such as laughter, screaming, singing, and other voice improvisations. By intentionally expressing ourselves, we release tensions in our bodies and set energy in motion. This way we stimulate the self-healing qualities of the body. We will also work with various movement and connection exercises, through which we investigate how our body relates to the space around us and to others in our daily interactions.

Kerem Akar takes his inspiration for this training from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM makes use of the 5 element philosophy: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Everything in the universe can be categorized into the 5 element system. This has been done in order to get an insight into different natural forces and phenomena, and how they correspond with each other.

TCM makes use of how our body traits are divided into the 5 elements and what influences them. In this workshop, we look at how organs and emotions correspond with each other within the same element and what kind of interventions we can perform with expressions and movement to bring them in balance. You will leave this training with an understanding of how to integrate the philosophy of the 5 elements into your daily life.

This program requires a valid corona admission certificate (a vaccination certificate, negative test certificate or proof of recovery). For more information, please visit this website.




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