Said Kasmi

Said Kasmi has been an alderman in Rotterdam on behalf of D66 since July 5, 2018. He is responsible for the portfolios of Education, Culture and Tourism.

Kasmi studied at the HEBO (Higher Economic Professions Education) in The Hague. One year International Relations, History, Media and Politics at Coventry University. And International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. In recent years he has been, among other things, director of the national office of D66. He was also a commissioner at Woonbron and a member of the Supervisory Board of Pameijer. Until 2010 he worked at Radar Foundation. Here he provided training to educational institutions and social organizations, among others.

Kasmi started his political career for D66 as list leader for the borough of Rotterdam Centre in 2009. The next four years he was a borough councilor. From 2015 he was a member of the national board of D66 and of the Provincial States of South Holland. In 2018 he was list leader for D66 after which he became group chairman.

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