Sijben Rosa: a new commission

Dutch artist Sijben Rosa is interested in creating objects, exploring how material ambiguity may foster greater social connection. Commencing in January 2023, Sijben will undertake a new community-oriented commission building on a number of recent projects; in particular, Zelf (2017-2018) and Zelf in een doosje (2020-2021). Through this body of work, the artist unfolds a series of sculptural performances in collaboration with elder communities they have come to know or live alongside. Entrusting each with a specially created hand-held sculpture, Sijben is interested in exploring how objects attain meaning in the context of individuals’ lived experiences and environments. Regarding each sculpture as inseparable from its respective guardian, social interaction is a prerequisite to experiencing the work; in Zelf, for example, coming into contact with the project entailed ringing the doorbell of each elder. Sijben Rosa’s new commission will be presented at the year’s end, in December 2023.




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