Rotterdam Cultural Histories # 19: Homes for People, Not Profit

How do we want to live? What kind of place do we need to live and work? What are alternatives to the dominant forms of ownership and the market-driven housing policy at a time when space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, and citizens are being pushed out of their homes? What role can art play in this? FGA invites you to look back and ahead.

Rotterdam-based artist collective Fucking Good Art, together with several partners, is investigating the possibilities of cooperative and self-organized forms of housing in Rotterdam.

In the Shared Space of TENT and Kunstinstituut Melly, FGA presents an installation and key documents: plans, visions, the Housing Acts from 1901 and 2015, activism, and Jaap Bakema’s fantastic manifesto from 1971, with 64 points for "a wide range of spatial quality" and “joyful-dwelling associations”.

This presentation is part of ongoing field research by FGA in the city, which you can follow on their blog and through public space interventions. FGA broadcasts talks and reports on Radio WORM every Friday from 17.00 to 18:00. FGA and TENT are currently exploring possibilities to facilitate conversations for interested parties through city walks and an online mini-symposium.



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