ACT IX: Let Us Compare Mythologies

What if all myths were true… – Liu Kang

Act IX of Witte de With’s year long Morality program, Let Us Compare Mythologies, is a three-day cycle of staged events presenting international artists exploring the nature of the performance.

Based on a wide variety of topics, like man’s intrinsic relationship to objects, the program is centered around the continued existence of myths in today’s society and their creative force. We are most grateful to all participants who are willing to show their works, (re)stage their performances and compare their mythologies…

What happens when two myths meet, will they dissolve or will they reinforce each other?



  • Renske Janssen, Dorothea Jendricke

Supported By

The Mondriaan Foundation, SNS Reaal Fonds, Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Dienst Kunst & Cultuur Rotterdam. With special thanks to all artists, all venues and the Goethe Institut.