Rotterdam Cultural Histories #21: Gone Within 2 Years, The Studio Crisis

This edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories draws attention to the working conditions for artists amidst the city’s rapidly shifting cultural landscape.

While a growing number of institutions have provided Rotterdam with space to present and enjoy contemporary art since the 1970s, it was the artists working and living in the city who formed the foundation for the city’s vibrant artistic milieu. The mix between established institutions and the many grassroots initiatives that spring from the artists’ communities themselves has received international recognition as the unique strength of Rotterdam’s culture. But what will happen if this city can no longer provide its rich multiplicity of artists with a working base?

This presentation on the studio situation in the city has been compiled by De Atelier Unie Rotterdam (Studio Union Rotterdam). Their poster collection visualizes their ongoing research into the urgent need for studio facilities in the city. De Atelier Unie Rotterdam was also the initiator of the Big Rotterdam Studio Survey.

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Special thanks to:

Piet de Jonge, Tess Martin, Sandro Setola, Sander van Wettum, TimeWindow

About Rotterdam Cultural Histories

This exhibition is presented by TENT Rotterdam. It is part of Rotterdam Cultural Histories, a collaborative project between our institution and TENT Rotterdam, both housed in this building. Begun in 2014, this long-term research project focuses on studying these institutions' common roots in Rotterdam.