Silent Retreat: Summer Solstice

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On June 21st, at 4.57 pm, the astronomical summer of 2023 will begin. To mark the turn of the season, Daily Practice has organized a silence retreat on 19 June. Between 9 am—3 pm, following a scheme of intermittent seated and walking meditation on and around the floor of Daily Practice in 84 STEPS at Kunstinstituut Melly, there is space and time to be in silent awareness. During the retreat you remain silent, you turn inward and notice your own reactions and feeling to everything that arises and ceases within and around you. The desire to act upon these responses is perceived but not pursued; there is being. The retreat offers the possibility to turn inwards for an extended moment in time, supported by the present silence of others. This retreat is for practiced meditators, because there will be minimal guidance.



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Due to exhibition installations our second floor and MELLY bookstore and cantina are closed until the opening on 9 June 6–8pm! Meanwhile, you can visit our 84 STEPS exhibition on the third floor for free.