Stories and Situations: The Moderation(s) Conference Video Recordings

Below you will find the video recordings of Stories and Situations, a day-long conference right at the heart of Moderation(s), a long-term and multifaceted program steered by artist and writer Heman Chong and unfolding between Witte de With in Rotterdam and Spring Workshop in Hong Kong. Stories and Situations is a platform where the multiple motifs of Moderation(s) are discussed and debated: the notion of speech in relation to art / the slippages of transmission via literary devices / distance as a tenuous concept / processes of art historicization are problematized from multiple angles ranging from linguistics, archeology, to philosophy.

For this conference, Amira Gad (Managing Curator, Witte de With) has worked closely with three other critics and curators, including, Lee Ambrozy (Art critic and Founding Editor of, Christina Li (Independent curator and writer) and Xiaoyu Weng (Curator, Asia Programs, Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco) in order to develop a series of conversations with guests including Brian Castriota (archeological conservator, New York), Chris Fitzpatrick (Director of Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp), Vincenzo Latronico (writer and critic, Berlin), Vincent Normand (writer and curator, Paris), Rosemary Orr (Senior Tutor and Lecturer Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences, University College Utrecht), and Arnisa Zeqo (art historian and co-founder of Rongwrong, Amsterdam).

[figure Stories and Situations The Moderation(s) Conference Part I Dynamic Objecthood]

[figure Stories and Situations The Moderation(s) Conference Part II A mind of two tongues]

[figure Stories and Situations The Moderation(s) Conference Part III How to graft a tongue]

[figure Stories and Situations The Moderation(s) Conference Part IV How do Ideas travel]

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