WORKSHOP: Shraddha Borawake — Alumni Present

Arts and culture students from different educational backgrounds are invited for a workshop on intersectional interventions by Master Fine Art Piet Zwart Institute alumna Shraddha Borawake. In 2012 Shraddha started the project Good Artists of Pune (“GAP”, 2012-16). Over a period of four years, the project initiated and developed an open, inclusive, and shifting network for artists in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India, operating as experimental social sculpture through series of artistic interventions.

For this event Shraddha will introduce different of GAP’s interventions, as well as the social interventions from her practice during her two year stay at Piet Zwart Institute. She asks: “Can these ‘3rd world’ projects and grassroots processes serve as didactic material for arts and culture in the Western world?”

Following, participants are invited to join in a workshop led by Shraddha, facilitated together with Vivian Sky Rehberg (Piet Zwart Institute), Reinaart Vanhoe (Also Class, Willem de Kooning Academy), Filip Vermeylen (Erasmus University Rotterdam), and their student bodies. Together we will explore interventions as a form of facilitating community organization, creative subversions, activism, and the potential of critical collaboration with institutions as a form of inclusive decentralization, through three tributaries: Soft Activism, From Hot to Something Else and Global Art Markets.

This workshop is presented by Studium Witte de With and Master Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute. In collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy’s Also Class and Erasmus University’s Global Art Markets.


ALUMNI PRESENT is a Studium Witte de With series presenting recent graduates in the field of arts and humanities. The series acknowledges and supports the development of academic and artistic practices of ambitious alumni, and seeks to inspire and educate current students with projects of their own.

The events of ALUMNI PRESENT showcase projects of young alumni at a timely moment in their respective trajectories. These events include, but are not limited to, book launches, presentations of academic or artistic research projects regardless of what stage they are currently in, workshop pilots, screenings of film projects, and other special ventures for which a singular presentation moment is specifically relevant. ALUMNI PRESENT will be organized throughout the year, always in collaboration with one of our Studium Witte de With higher education partners.