FOCUS with Wouter Davidts: I would prefer not to

Enter the weekend with an exhibition reading by art historian Wouter Davidts, offering a personal perspective into An exhibition with an audio script by Sarah Demeuse and Wendy Tronrud, as well as a soundtrack by Mario García Torres in collaboration with Sol Oosel.

Allegedly the French artist Daniel Buren never says no to an invitation for an exhibition, unless the conditions are bad. Every opportunity needs to be seized, every chance taken. But what makes conditions 'bad'? When and why can an artist justifiably refuse to participate? Departing from the audio script of the exhibition, this talk brings together different examples, stories, anecdotes, and rumors of artists that no longer wished to take part. They turned invitations down, decided to step out, or withdrew altogether.

Join Davidts throughout associations from art history, artist biographies, and his academic research in museum architecture, for this exhibition reading on artists dropping out.


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