ALUMNI PRESENT: Are We There Yet? with Fabulous Future

Fabulous Future wants to take you on a trip. Are We There Yet? will journey through the formation of Fabulous Future, who took on the continuation of their shared education by forming a new collective of seven after graduating together from Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Instituut.

The performative talk will unfold through a series of situations, giving insight to their past projects and future intentions. Reflecting on their explorations of continually navigating between architectural and artistic modes of production, Fabulous Future will focus on their experiments with methodologies of collectivity and education beyond institutional settings.

This event is presented by Studium Witte de With in collaboration with Sandberg Instituut, and organized in the context of An exhibition with an audio script by Sarah Demeuse and Wendy Tronrud, as well as a soundtrack by Mario García Torres in collaboration with Sol Oosel.

Free bus from Amsterdam and back

For visitors from or around Amsterdam: There will be a free bus to transport you from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and back. Departure: 3:15pm, Rietveld Campus, Fred. Roeskestraat, Amsterdam. Sign up here to reserve a seat.

About Fabulous Future

Fabulous Future is a collective of seven and an ongoing project; binding together research, development and the construction of spaces, events and situations. Fabulous Future is committed to an expanded notion of space making, and flourishes from a broad range of backgrounds and skills: fine arts, design, architecture, scenography, cooking, woodworking, writing, gardening, sound, video, performance, etc.

The methodology of the collective revolves around continual negotiation in order to reach a shared outcome and encompasses constant consideration of surrounding social and political contexts. This form of work and self organisation enables projects to have unique means of process-led and critical production; inclusive to expanded notions of everyday rituals (being together, cooking, sleeping, dancing and care for each other) which are an integral part of Fabulous Future.

Fabulous Future is:

  • Niels Albers
  • Malissa Anne Cañez Sabus
  • Gauthier Chambry
  • Naomi Credé
  • Liene Pavlovska
  • Mirko Podkowik
  • Rein Verhoef


ALUMNI PRESENT is a Studium Witte de With series presenting recent graduates in the field of arts and humanities. The series acknowledges and supports the development of academic and artistic practices of ambitious alumni, and seeks to inspire and educate current students with projects of their own.

The events of ALUMNI PRESENT showcase projects of young alumni at a timely moment in their respective trajectories. These events include, but are not limited to, book launches, presentations of academic or artistic research projects regardless of what stage they are currently in, workshop pilots, screenings of film projects, and other special ventures for which a singular presentation moment is specifically relevant. ALUMNI PRESENT will be organized throughout the year, always in collaboration with one of our Studium Witte de With higher education partners.

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Sandberg Instituut

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