WORKSHOP with Lorena Solis Bravo and Tina Jeranko: My body split into thousand pieces

Students, performers, dancers, but also all interested without any formal experience in performance, are invited for the full day double ‘WORKSHOP with KABK Fine Arts alumni Lorena Solis Bravo and Tina Jeranko: My body split into thousand pieces’.

Together and through separate workshops, Lorena and Tina will guide participants to questions of the body as an archive, focusing on sound and muscle memory. How can accessing these help us tune into our own corporeal geography and activate our intuition? Through exercises we will train our bodily sensibility, learn about letting go of control on a rational level, and allow it to exist in other parts of the body.

With Lorena Solis Bravo, we will “unlearn” our bodies and voices from what they are used to. We will shake, bounce and maybe even sing. We will use this opportunity to break from the norm, and open our sensibilities towards other vibrating bodies.

With Tina Jeranko we will tap into the unconscious, through diverse exercises - physical monologue - and games - physical dialogue - on the body and the voice. Refreshing our muscular system, from point zero there will be new space to re-enact memories through gestures and actions, revealing a variety of compositions into a new body of collective work.

This event is presented by Studium Witte de With in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK), as part of the series ALUMNI PRESENT.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes for moving. We might sweat, so bring a fresh shirt for afterwards.