FOCUS with Simon Fujiwara, an exhibition walk-through with him and our director Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy

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Marking the soon-to-close solo exhibition of Simon Fujiwara, the artist returns to Rotterdam to join us in exploring his project, Who the Bær, which centers around his creation of a new cartoon character. On this day, meet us at the exhibition galleries to join the artist in conversation with director Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy. During their exhibition walkthrough, they will discuss Simon’s work, deliberating on Who’s role as an avatar to explore the pleasures and traumas, violence, and joys of life in the mediated modern world.

Fujiwara first began drawing and collaging versions of his bear during the first 2020 lockdown in Berlin. Introduced to us as an absurdist creation, the artist approaches Who as a reductive lens through which to reflect on the complex mechanisms of defining a self in an image-dominated world. Marking the artist’s first exhibition in the Netherlands, a personal archive of over 100 images and “thinking-works” are presented.



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