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Calling all Dutch-speaking art enthusiasts! Our next Dutch tour for the spring program of Melly is happening on Wednesday 21 February at 11 am, on the Day of Native Language in The Netherlands. This tour is family-friendly, so be sure to bring along your mothers and father, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, children other companions — everyone is welcome! Join us on an artful journey led by our skillful art mediator, who will be your guide as you explore the My Oma show.

By looking at the grandmother as a crucial point, the older motherly figure introduces different types of knowledge for us to explore. This knowledge includes things passed down through generations, like family heirlooms and recipes, as well as more abstract ideas like comparing life to the flow of a river or creating stories in our imagination. With My Oma we want to understand what this grandmother figure represents and how she fits into discussions about our cultural heritage and family stories.

In this exhibition at Kunstinstituut Melly, we will display both new artworks created for this occasion and important artworks made from 2000 until today. The exhibition and related events are organized around four main research questions. These questions help us decide which artists and artworks to include in the exhibition and determine the themes we'll explore during the tour.

This tour is part of the Taal Tours program. For My Oma, Taal Tours offer is especially relevant, considering the focus on immigration and the increasingly diverse demographic of Rotterdam. More than 170 nationalities make up the city’s population). Dutch, English, Turkish, and Papiamentu are the primary languages of our city.


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