FOCUS Prodo Waka Procession

On Friday October 13, a special "Prodo Waka" procession will take place in the center of Rotterdam, we gather at 1.30 pm at Kunstinstituut Melly and leave at 2 pm to Theater Rotterdam. The life-size Mama Aisa statue will be carried from Kunstinstituut Melly by female (funeral) bearers and accompanied by the Afro-Surinamese community, Sanisa Koto group with women in Surinamese costume and musicians, carried in a procession to Theater Rotterdam. A day later, during the Winti Bal Masqué at the theater, Mama Aisa is officially inaugurated and presented as part of the rehabilitation of the Winti culture in the Netherlands.

The open celebration of Winti at the Winti Bal Masqué and held in one of the most important theaters in the Netherlands contributes to the restoration of the spirituality of the ancestors. Marian Markelo, organizer of the Winti Bal Masqué states: "The ball highlights the philosophy of life and history of the Winti. The essence revolves around being with others and having time for each other. Winti brings about connection through which you build happiness and well-being, for yourself and others. The new art collection, the life-size Mama Aisa statue and the Winti Bal Masqué therefore turns Winti into something healing, interpersonal and festive. In this way Winti is stripped of the old stigma of idolatry. I see it therefore as the decolonization of the spirit. The Winti Bal Masqué is a very important part of the rehabilitation of the Winti culture".

After the dedication at the Winti Bal Masqué on 14 October, the sculpture will be returned to Kunstinstituut Melly where Mama Aisa can be visited through 22 October 2023.

For more information visit the Winti Bal Masqué website and for ticket sales, click here.

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