PZI: Art and Economy

Is there no outside anymore when we talk about art and economy? Everything we do seems entangled, if not subsumed, in the globalized capitalist economy, regardless of how much we represent dissenting ideological positions. In fact, what has come to be known as some of the foundational principles of the ‘new economy’, like the creative imperative, radical flexibility and an inclination towards global perspectives and networks, made some of their first marks precisely in the art world. Therefore they are also firmly grounded there.

The knowledge and experience economies seem to blend and definitions of labour and professionalism, self-organization and amateurism get muddled up. Simultaneously the working conditions for cultural producers within the field of art are becoming precarious, as funding outside the spectacular and outspokenly commercial is diminishing rapidly. How can we as artists, curators, critics, theoreticians and policy makers deal with this situation?

This symposium will look at artistic and curatorial practices that question or present alternatives to the mechanisms of the global market, and look at the way art practice itself is intertwined with market mechanisms.

See for the complete programma the website of the Piet Zwart Institute.

Access is free, but there is limited capacity, so making reservations is strongly recommended. Please contact Anke Bangma or Hilde de Bruijn, +31-(0)10-4045054 or [email protected].