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Ulufer Celik x Eathouse
LIVE FEED at Melly!

As part of our summer program, Kunstinstituut Melly is activating its bookshop-cantina through different collaborations on the weekends. Join us on Saturday 28 August for a live Gömbe cooking event with artist Ulufer Çelik. This event is the last rendition of LIVE FEED - a series of live cooking events by the Rotterdam-based artist collective Eathouse. There will be a step-by-step demonstration of the making of this unique recipe from central Anatolia, accompanied by the excerpts of Ulufer’s artistic research focusing on the dual nature of opium harvest in Doganhisar village (Turkey) in relation to ecology, pain tolerance, and womanhood. During the event, special guest Sennur Turgut will share her experience and tips on this pastry filled with poppy seed paste. The event will be broadcasted on the website of Kunstinstituut Melly and on the YouTube channel of Eathouse. During the weekend, the video recording and the visual material of the research will be screened in MELLY, where also the Gömbe will be served. Please be welcome to taste it!

Eathouse is an artist initiative set up by Ulufer Çelik, Merve Kılıçer, Vlada Predelina, and Jake Caleb to provide simple, affordable food and a generous cultural meeting point for people living in Rotterdam-Zuid.


  • Ulufer Celik, Sennur Turgut


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