Shared Space IV

Dennis Parren’s lamp flirts with the mysteries of light and color. In 2011 Parren graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. His graduation piece, the CMYK Lamp, was designed to show that light is the true custodian of color. Jelle Feringa’s bookshelves show the evocative qualities of design. Feringa succeeds in making optimal use of his chosen material, production process and shape, by using software of his own design. The result is as outspoken as it is complex. Interior architect and product designer Jack Brandsma is a trendsetter in the field of current-day living and working solutions and focuses on mobile living and working areas. Important in Brandma’s table is the use of material; it invites us to touch it. Thomas Eurlings used to work in the fashion industry for, among others, Alexander van der Slobbe. Eurlings’ own work refers to an unknown world that can be conjured up through fashion. His mirror transports us to a fantasy world.


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