How Attitude Becomes Form: Collaborative Practice in Asia? Talk by Zoe Butt

On Tuesday 5 June 2012 (7 pm) curator Zoe Butt talked about the ethos of collaboration and her experiences in working with artists to forge new curatorial and production practices in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Butt elaborates on artists’ processes in developing projects and how they reflect Asia’s political context. She discusses the role of archives built by artists and the dilemmas confronted with when aiming to achieve local and international visibility; dilemmas in which collaborations and funding principles play a key role.

Within this framework, she explores the limitations and boundaries in the production and presentation of art, variously focusing on the Long March Project (Beijing), a dynamic and multi-layered arts organization founded in 1999/2002; Sàn Art, an independent artist-run gallery space and reading room in Ho Chi Minh City; and SA SA BASSAC in Phnom Penh (an expansion of Sa Sa Art Gallery and a merger with BASSAC Art Projects).



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