An evening with Zin Taylor

During this informal artist talk, Zin Taylor discusses his interest in the extraordinary oeuvre of architect, theoretician, set designer, and sculptor Frederick Kiesler (1890-1965), which served as the departure point for his new work A Segment of Translation (F. Kiesler’s Mind Form) commissioned by Witte de With as part of the In Light of 25 Years program.

Taylor draws from the affinities between his own practice and that of Kiesler, and talks about the dialectics between thoughts and forms, inner reflection and outer presentation. Linking for example the ideological usages of the traditional yurt by the hippie movement to the organic structure of Kiesler’s famous Endless House, Taylor unpacks the manifold references and source materials which underlie this new work.

The conversation will take place between Zin Taylor and Samuel Saelemakers, Curator at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art.


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