Orchestrating Engagement. An Art Visit in 4 Acts presented by Class of ’16

The participants of Studium Witte de With’s Class of ’16 are pleased to invite you to Orchestrating Engagement: An Art Visit in 4 Acts.

What default modes of engagement do we adopt when entering white cube spaces such as Witte de With? To what extent does the accelerated society we live in compromise our engagement with works of art? Is it possible to enhance our focus by manipulating variables such as pace, surroundings, and group dynamics, and by activating senses other than sight? Join us as part of our Test-Panel, as we collectively try out and formulate alternative modes of engagement in 4 acts.


Stage 1 – Lecture by Dr. Katja Kwastek and Slow Walk
Stage 2 - Relaxation
Stage 3 – Rhythmical Audio-tour
Stage 4 - Dinner

Please note:
This Class of ’16 program is offered to a small group of visitors. Active participation and engagement will be required to fuel the collaborative, testing nature of these experiments in museum education. If you make a reservation we are counting on your presence.

About Witte de With Class of ’16

Studium Witte de With Class of ‘16 is a peer-led education initiative by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Each year a select group of students from partner institutions collaboratively explore art and art education on the intersection of the professional field and higher education curriculums. The participants form a co-programming team by and for students, to explore and map the cultural and political ecology of our time.

Parallel to the events of the Class of ’16 the students maintain a blog that regularly features their articles and research material:

Class of ’16: Lila Athanasiadou (TU Delft), Lauren Brand (Willem de Kooning Academy), Angelica Falkeling (Piet Zwart Institute), Rosa de Graaf (Leiden University), Luca Menesi (Piet Zwart Institute), Jan Siebold (Erasmus University College), Chloë Neeleman (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dimitris Poteas (University of Amsterdam), Clarisse Russel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Natasha Taylor (KABK The Hague).

About Studium Witte de With

Class of 16 is part of Studium Witte de With, the higher education platform for art and theory by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Studium Witte de With is intended to serve as a catalyst bridging various fields of knowledge across higher education. It presents lectures, debates, workshops, and other programming in collaboration with partner institutes, to root firmly the programme in the curriculums of Academies and Universities.


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