Holland Mijn Mars

As part of Charl Landvreugd’s (Artist, Curator, Writer) program Holland Mijn Mars (17th – 23rd July) the artist will work throughout the week in the exhibition spaces of Cinema Olanda: Platform to develop an installation based on four filmic stories from Suriname, Haïti, Quebec and the Netherlands. This will culminate with a new performance by Landvreugd that views migration across the axis of sexuality to take place on Friday 21st July, the costume for which is by fashion designer Marga Weimans. The first story that makes up the basis for this installation and performance is Kon Hesi Baka (1976) by Henk Barnard, which deals with migration from the perspective of a young girl in Suriname around the time of the country’s independence. The second is Koewatra Djodjo (1979) by Edgar Cairo, which gives an insight into a young man’s arrival in the city. How to make love to a negro without getting tired (1987) by Dany Laferrière speaks about trying to settle in the metropolis. Wan Pipel (1976) by Pim de la Parra delves into disillusionment, loyalty and belonging. The combined texts create a narrative of migration, and show the timelessness of the subject.


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