SESSION #3: A communal movement

In these dark times we have to take extra care for ourselves, both mentally as physically. How can we learn to positively express ourselves physically nowadays? As part of our new Untitled series, SESSIONS, a combination of learning, performance and entertainment, you are invited to join us this evening to gather with three dancers, Evelyn Bakker, Maya Trameh and Nathalie Vrede in order to get ourselves warmed up during these cold winter days. SESSIONS are programs for a young audience who would like to learn collectively, but are also relevant for anyone who would like to explore the cross-overs between the visual arts and other diciplines. Bakker, Trameh and Vrede, each with a different background in dance will share their personal stories about what movement means to them in relation to self-expression. After a performance by the dancers there will also be a moment of moving together. Long story short; for anyone who desires an extra dose of positive energy these winter days, let’s move!



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