TALK with Catherine de Zegher: Cecilia Vicuna, Arte Precario

Join us for a talk about Cecilia Vicuna’s Arte Precario, with curator, art historian and critic Catherine de Zegher, organized in conjunction to Cecilia Vicuña, a retrospective exhibition.

In Cecilia Vicuña’s art and poetry, particularly as they relate to protests of resistance, the investigation of language and the politics of definition are always at stake, because “naming” for her is the most political act of all. Her work concerns la batalla de los significados (the battle of the signifieds). According to Vicuña, submission and poverty begin with the acceptance of definitions that others create for you. Recognition, meanwhile, needs a name, one’s own name. For Vicuna it is Arte Precario, the name she gives to her independent voice within the Southern Hemisphere, challenging any colonized position.

Join us afterwards for the FILM SCREENING: Cecilia Vicuña #3, starting 7 pm on the third floor.


  • Catherine de Zegher

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