TALK with THE KOKRA FAMILY: Traveling, going nowhere

Join artists line kramer and marjolijn kok – a.k.a. ‘THE KOKRA FAMILY’ – in conversation on ‘traveling and going nowhere’, as they present and discusses a topical selection of publications which will be added to the bookshop inventory of MELLY.

Traveling, going nowhere.

The best journeys take us nowhere. They derail and change our perspectives. Fantasized destinations dissolve and are taken over by new constructions of bodies in space and time. Things get messy, altering ourselves without movement. These difficult journeys can turn into cancellation or deportation. Writing or reading about these possible displacements makes us aware of the powers at play. These narratives should never end, their urgencies move us sitting, reading.

Presented as part of the series BOOK TALKS, and in conjunction to Rossella Biscotti, new work.


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