SESSION #12: Coming Home

As part of the MELLY’s series SESSIONS, a combination of learning, performance and entertainment, you are invited for an evening with photographer Florian Braakman. Introducing his project In Between Homes, for which he travelled with Rino Alvarez to his home country, Curaçao. We will get an insight in his cultural findings and share our ideas in order to see past the stereotypical aspects of the Caribbean. Additional to this session, performance artist Najendra Caldera will share her story about her ethnical background and the meaning of distance between her heritage and the place she feels at home.

SESSIONS are programs for a young audience who would like to learn collectively, but are also relevant for anyone who would like to explore the cross-overs between the visual arts and other disciplines. During this evening we will watch, listen and speak, but also share our own experiences about safe spaces and the feeling of belonging.

Where do you feel home?