PERFORMANCE: Graduation Programs, Piet Zwart Master of Fine Art

Location: Auditorium, Kunstinstituut Melly
Free entrance, no reservation required

Start your weekend with artist performances as part of the closing programs of this year’s Piet Zwart Master of Fine Art Graduation Shows. The performance program will feature two presentations, each showcasing the outcomes of the two-year studio program.

Madeleine Ruggi and María José Crespo: Witnessing as a method of getting through gateways

Becoming an observer, then a mediator. Witnessing gains access to information around the realities and fictions of borders, territories, and the currencies and values to which bodies are subjected to in these zones.
Madeleine Ruggi and María José Crespo draw together their separate processings of information within their artistic research by sharing ideas and working methodologies into an audiovisual performance presentation. The presentation will navigate different ways of collecting information, and the translation of found materials as research.

Samboleap Tol: Where is my karaoke?

For this lecture-performance, Tol has devised a sonic and textual response to the prompt 'Where is my karaoke?'. Through storytelling she takes us through her musical bicultural childhood, flashing back through different sonic memories and questions, out loud, about how it all relates to her now.