FOCUS: Jan Verwoert on ‘The Wound in its Entanglements’ by Ane Graff

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Join us for FOCUS, a dive into our exhibitions together with special guests.

This edition of FOCUS delves into our current Solo Duet The Wound in its Entanglements by artist Ane Graff, and is led by art historian, critic, and writer Jan Verwoert.

The exhibition presents a series of sculptures in glass, resin and lab-grown biological matter that question how ideas of human exceptionalism relate to the health and ecological disasters we face today. Having followed the development of this particular body of work over the past several years, Verwoert will interweave his reading of the exhibition with personal anecdotes, questions, and interpretations.

Ane Graff provides the following recollection evoking her studio conversations with Verwoert:

“What is your obsession with (the colour) white?” Jan asked, looking at me inquisitively. I squirmed. “Shirts,” I said. “Shoes.” I have no more white shirts, the shade of white has been taken over. It was a fitting statement for the state of the studio with its dyes and growths. But closing my eyes, I knew it was really about something else, about membranes. The transparency and airiness of membranes. How I imagined everything material as layered, as whiteness oscillating in waves. I said nothing, it was premature. “Write me a text about the shirt,” Jan said, “...the shoes.” “Tell me everything,” he said.

This edition of FOCUS takes place in conjunction with FOCUS: Brown Atlantis Radio with Ananya Kabir, starting at 7:30 pm. You can purchase a combi-ticket to both programs for € 5,-.



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