Fundraiser for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers


In support of the community of artists and cultural workers in Ukraine, Kunstinstituut Melly is hosting a borscht fundraiser on Friday 25 March between 1–3 pm. Come have a bowl of Borscht made by our Armenian, Georgian, and Lithuanian team members, for a donation of your choice. All donations will go to the fundraiser, co-initiated by WET Film to support sister collective Freefilmers and their community of artists and cultural workers in Ukraine for relocation to safer places, medical help, and basic needs.

WET is a Rotterdam-based film and video collective focusing on collaborative forms of production and programming. In October 2021 they hosted Freefilmers for a residency in Rotterdam, where the two collectives exchanged ideas about self-organizing and radical forms of production. Freefilmers are a union of like-minded filmmakers; they promote independent filmmaking in Ukraine, especially in its eastern part, and work towards the decentralization of cultural processes.