A Mic of One’s Own: Radical Feminist Therapy

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For this English edition of A Mic of One’s Own, Kunstinstituut Melly and The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy) join forces once again! This time we’ll be inspired by Inga Zimprich’s installation about the radical feminist therapy movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

What are your thoughts about mental health and self-care? Can we use feminism to empower ourselves mentally? And how can we use therapy to smash the patriarchy? Put your thoughts into words: a poem, an essay, a spoken word piece, even a song. Mail us before April 25th at info [​at​] to apply for a spot in the line-up on 7 May.

Eelkje Christine Bosch
Nikki Verhoeven
McKenna Faulkner
Loulou Elisabettie
Francesca Von Cigno
Viana Afoumou
Simone Zwitserloot
Denise van Dillen
Elina Alekseeva
Imme Visser
Host: Yaël van der Wouden

In the late 1960s, Radical Therapy developed in the US as a movement of therapists and activists. Its aim was to democratize and de-professionalize its therapeutic tools as means for social empowerment and political change. In 1975, the feminists Gail Pheterson and Lillian Moed facilitated training sessions for groups of Dutch feminists. From these initial trainings, the Feministische Oefengroepen Radikale Therapie emerged. They formed a movement of feminist Radical Therapy that soon engaged numerous people in the Netherlands. For the exhibition 84 STEPS at Kunstinstituut Melly, Inga Zimprich creates a display that interweaves historic footage from these movements, including interviews with its early protagonists as well as contemporary practitioners.


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