A Mic of One’s Own

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For this English/Dutch edition of A Mic of One’s Own, Kunstinstituut Melly and The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy) join forces once again! This time we’ll be inspired by Iris Kensmil, who in her exhibition Some of my Souls puts the spotlight on the activism and intellectual work of Black people in the Western World.

We invite writers, poets, spoken word artists, and songwriters to share their thoughts on the role of Black intellectualism in the emancipatory goals of the current day and age. What is Black intellectualism exactly? Where can we find it? And with whom? We’d love to hear your essays, odes to Black thinkers, poems about your personal experience, you name it! Apply before 7 January 2022 by filling out the application here. Do you just want to come and listen? Mail us at info [​at​]


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