Michelle Teran

Michelle Teran (born in Canada) is an educator, artist, and researcher. She is a practice-oriented Research Professor of Social Practices at Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA). Her research areas encompass socially engaged and site-specific art, counter-cartographies, social movements, feminist and critical pedagogy. She received her Philosophiae doctor (Ph.D.) in Artistic Research, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen. Together with Marc Herbst, she is co-editor of Everything Gardens! Growing from Ruins of Modernity, one of a three-part publication (ADOCS and nGbK publishers) on how the global ecological crisis and its social repercussions raise questions regarding new forms of education. The English version of Ada Colau and AdriĆ  Alemany's book Mortgaged Lives (original Spanish version Vidas Hipotecas), a translation project initiated by Michelle Teran and published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, documents the Spanish right-to-housing movement, the PAH. Through the Neighborhood Academy (NAK) collective learning project, she is engaged in eco-social learning practices around the Prinzessinnengarten (Berlin). She is part of the editorial collective for Situationer Workbook/Situationer Cookbook, a transformative pedagogy reader (Research Center WdKA and Publication Studio Rotterdam publishers) that brings together experimental practices of learning otherwise. Winner of several awards she received the Transmediale Award, the Turku2011 Digital Media + Art Grand Prix Award, Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention, and the Vida 8.0 Art + Artificial Life International Competition.

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