Ties Ten Bosch

In his work, visual artist Ties Ten Bosch (NL, 1977) looks at everyday traces that we as humans leave behind in a slightly provocative, sometimes absurdist way. He often combines these traces as paradox with social, political and current themes, in order to remove them from their normal context. This leads to works that in addition to our daily viewing behavior, also relentlessly question art itself. His work consists mainly of installations and sculptural works, but also performative works, paintings and other media appear in his oeuvre.

Ties studied autonomous visual arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and lives and works in 's-Hertogenbosch and Berlin. In addition to showing his work in many places, he has been working in the installation team of Kunstinstituut Melly since 2005. As an artist, Ties is represented by the Rotterdam Frank Taal Gallery and works closely with Berlin's Lage-Egal. He was and is also active in various artist collectives such as Stichting B.a.d, Volksrekorders, hOUTSKOOL art magazine, and If Paradise Is Half As Nice.

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