Karima Boudou


Karima Boudou (b. 1987) is an art historian and curator. Trained in Art History (Montpellier, Rennes) and Philosophy (Nanterre), she participated in the Curatorial Training Programme at De Appel, Amsterdam, in 2012-13. In the past eight years, she has organized research projects, exhibitions, conferences, and publications in Europe and Morocco. Her work intersects theoretically and practically with post-colonial theory and the re-actualization of archives and decentered histories of modern and contemporary art; considering strategically the politics of vision and visibility in art history. In 2017, she was a Research Fellow at MAC VAL Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne where she conducted research in the archive of Raoul-Jean Moulin (fonds d’archives Raoul-Jean Moulin). Her most recent work, re-activated from Morocco is invested in new research lines on the life and oeuvre of African-American surrealist Ted Joans. This three-day public forum drew points and lines between private American and Dutch archives, by re-actualizing the legacies of artists and writers of African descent in the international surrealist movement. Boudou has lectured about the writers Jean Genet and Mohamed Leftah, and the artists Glenn Ligon, Danh Vo, Dave McKenzie, and David Hammons. She has written for exhibition catalogs (Mu.ZEE, Ostend, Belgium; Le Cube, Rabat, Morocco) and magazines (Mousse, Ibraaz, rekto:verso).

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