Wapke Feenstra

Wapke Feenstra, Hennaarderadeel 1959, lives and works in Rotterdam. Co-founder of Myvillages, founded in 2003 with Kathrin Böhm (DE/UK) and Antje Schiffers (DE).

Wapke Feenstra aims to co-create a new dynamism to solidified notions of local resources and production, agriculture and culture, internal and external perceptions. Recent commissions include Museum of Contemporary Art (GfZK) in Leipzig (DE), Arts Maebashi in Maebashi (JP), Times Museum in Guangzhou (CN) and OK-Video in Jakarta (IND). In 2019 she works on Boerenzij (the Rural Side) with TENT-Rotterdam (2018-2020), Setting the Table: Village Politics with the Whitechapel Gallery in London and with Istanbul Biennale presents Potato Growers in 2019. With Kathrin Böhm she is the editor of The Rural, published by MIT Press and Whitechapel Gallery London (2019). More on and

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